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Quantum Vibrational Healer; Shaman

Peak States Trauma Release Specialist

Health & Wellness Consultant

Combining education and vast life experience, Jodi engages her wisdom and knowledge to assist you on your healing journey.


She began her healing/metaphysical studies in 1998, and her natural health studies in 2001. Her theory of healing is that you must heal at an energetic, emotional, and physical level in order to find full balance in life. Accordingly, she has studied Shamanic & Quantum Energetic Healing, Peak States  Subcellular and Developmental Psychobiology, and Holistic/Alternative Health modalities in her quest to become a wellness expert.


Her formal education is in psychology with an emphasis in neurology and childhood development.  She has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds, including those with emotional and behavioral challenges.

When her oldest child nearly went into liver failure as an infant, Jodi became an expert on detoxing and pure living and began assisting other mothers in their quest to heal children outside of conventional approaches. Jodi also home schools her three children.  


In addition to her conventional education, Jodi is a psychic medium and strong empath. She has certifications in Black Hat Feng Shui, Mediumship, Akashic Record Reading, and she is a Certified Darmaja Master, and a Certified Shaman. She combines all these energetic healing modalities into what she calls "Quantum Vibrational Healing." Choosing the right tools for each client, she assists you in removing the physical, emotional, and energetic blockages that hinder optimal health.

A former Event Coordinator and Television News Producer, Jodi sat on the council of the Million Mom Movement for six years, where she empowered caregivers to engage in healthy living and health activism. 

Currently Jodi is harnessing her broad skill set to empower individuals and families to take their potential to the next quantum level. Combining high quality products​ and advanced energy healing, Jodi strives to connect you not only to yourself and your loved ones, but to the knowledge and community needed to carry humanity to their evolutionary potential.


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