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Pumpkin Bread


(Allergen Free Alternative)

Let's be clear--this is not the same consistency of a normal bread. It's more like a snack bar consistency with the heaviness of the dates. It's much more dense than bread.  If you remove the Daily Fiber Blend and add another 1/4 cup of coconut flour instead you can make this free of all 7 major allergens. **Please note--You can save $50 on all the linked products using gift card code higherliving.

Place all ingredients except the pumpkin puree in a food processor and blend until it is broken up and fixed well. Then add the pumpkin.  It can be done with everything in there at once, but then it takes a lot of starting and stopping to mix the ingredients so the food processor can get a good dough going. It can be formed into a loaf and cut or made into bite-size balls. Because it is sticky when it comes out of the food processor, I use wax paper to shape it and store it. Put it in the refrigerator to set.

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