Higher Living Journey

Customer Appreciation Month

Thank you for supporting my small business!! I strive to find the best in eco-friendly, pure, high-vibrational products for you and your family to walk the journey to your best health, and this month I want to give back to my customers. See below on all the savings I am offering, as well as how you can win FREE STUFF! For one-stop shopping on everything I represent, see my website at www.higherlivingjourney.com.

Poofy Organics

Receive 10% off your order. It will have to be done via rebate. I will send it to you via PayPal or personal check in the mail. In order to receive the discount you must create an account and register as a customer.


Purium Health Products

For existing customers, I will pay your shipping on any order $50 or greater.

For first time customers, receive $50 off an order of $75 or more with code higherliving, or 25% off an order over $200. Thru July 4th you will also receive free shipping.


Satic Home Energy Management

I have Satic Plug-ins on sale. The Plug-ins reduce energy usage, and therefore energy bills, as well as protect your appliances and technology from voltage hikes. They also reduce EMF Fields created by dirty energy. They work best when bought in pairs. Normally it is $199 for one, and $350 for two. This month only it is BUY ONE GET ONE FREE—a $150 SAVINGS!!! 


Here’s how you earn entries into the drawings for the Giveaways!


  1. I go live Monday thru Thursday evenings with Today’s Thought.  If you share that live video you get an entry. 

  2. Buy Poofy Organics, Purium, or Satic and get an entry.

  3. Buy a Purium 40 Day package and get 2 entries.

  4. I have a business page—Follow the page and get an entry. https://www.facebook.com/higherlivingjourney/

  5.     5.I have a group page that goes into more depth about health, wellness, and spiritual topics. Join the group for an entry. https://www.facebook.com/groups/higherlivingjourney/ 

  6. Refer a customer that buys one or more of the above and get an entry.

Every Friday night of the month I will go live on Facebook and pick a name out of the “hat”—The winner will get FREE STUFF from me!!