Higher Living Journey Services

New Earth Parenting Consulting

New Earth Parenting Consulting Services is the Higher Living Journey for children and families.  Services range from teaching you how to grocery shop to replace your conventional diet with an organic one, to parenting advice, to natural healing for both acute and chronic conditions in children.  I also offer spiritual guidance and assistance in processing emotions.  I specialize in working with highly sensitive children--often called crystal, indigo, or rainbow children (I prefer the term High Vibrational), these children respond very well to energy work, diet changes, and natural remedies.  Consultations can be in person or via Zoom.  Click on the box for more details.

Shamanic Journeywork & Energy Work

We practice two types of energy work.  The first is called Darmaja; it is an intense but quick healing modality that can be used to treat anything from headaches to chronic illness.  The second is called Shamanic Journeywork. Undergoing a journey is the most intense form of energy work you will ever experience.  It can be used to treat everything from relationship dischord to chronic health problems. All work can be done long distance. Click on the button to learn more.

Higher Living Journey

 Individual Sessions


Individual Sessions:  If you feel like you need one-on-one support for energetic, emotional, or physical healing, please schedule an appointment.  Individual sessions may also be used for readings from your spirit guides, angels, akashic records, to connect with those who have passed on, past life regressions, and for emotional processing and empath support.  Sessions can be conducted in-person or via Skype or Google chat.



Energetic Space Clearing & Feng Shui

When the energy in your home or work space becomes static, stuck, or negative, it makes it difficult to create optimal harmony and momentum in your life. Clearing the space of those negative energies and emotions, and creating greater flow through the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, opens your world to greater opportunity and ease.

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