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Higher Living Journey Services

For an in-depth summary, please see this blog post HERE


Individual Sessions

There are many tools Jodi can use to assist in your healing journey. The process will be different for every individual based on their specific needs.

From suggestions on naturally treating physical ailments, to emotional processing and Empath Support, to varying types of "Energy Work", Jodi will use the tools most efficient for the patron in question. "Defining" the session will therefore sometimes be challenging because multiple modalities may be necessary for the healing journey. 


Group Healing Sessions are also an option. They will combine teaching of meditative techniques, Group Question and Answer, and the Darmaja Energy Work Modality, as it was specifically designed to treat individuals as well as groups.

Read on for more specifics...



Shamanic Journeywork & Energy Work

New Earth Parenting Consulting

Energetic Space Clearing & Feng Shui
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