The Purium Story

 Purium is founded on naturopathy--the idea that if the body is fed the nutrients it needs for perfect homeostasis, health will follow. With the very best in super food, farm-to-table nutrition, Purium will help you and your family reap the rewards of health. Purium has over 60 nutritional products that are the purest in Family Nutrition, Weight Loss, Cleansing, Athlete's Support, and Anti-Aging.  All of Purium's products are whole, super foods processed mechanically rather than with heat to preserve the natural enzymes and co-factors and avoid denaturing the proteins in the food--it's LIVE food.  The products are free of GMO's, pesticides, synthetics, additives, fillers, excipients, binders, irradiation, and are certified organic whenever possible. With a program for everyone at every fitness level, Purium can bring your health and/or your workout to the next level. Keep scrolling down to find the products and programs that are perfect for you. Get involved helping other families by signing up for the Million Mom Movement, or scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the business opportunity that Purium represents.


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The Products

Purium's Products
From Tart Cherry Juice to Meal Replacement Shakes to Green Foods like Chlorella, Spirulina, & Wheat Grass, to sublingual sprays and NEW CBD Oil, Purium Products are the Best of the Best. We even have exclusive rights to the first Anti-GMO product on the market; Biome Medic helps detoxify and reverse the damage to the body from the harmful effects of herbicides & pesticides. Click below to begin your shopping experience, or scroll further for more details on which products are right for you.

Due to legality issues in 2 States, CBD cannot be on the main Purium Webpage

The Programs

5 Choices:
Family Nutrition, Weight Control,
Cleansing, Performance, & Rejuventation

Separated into 5 Categories, the following videos will help you determine the products that are right for your lifestyle. While not every product is discussed, the following will give you a good idea of where to start to reach your healthy living goals. You can also check out Purium Bundles HERE or Monthly Specials HERE.

Family Support

High Density Nutrition for the whole family that is fast, easy, and tasty.

High Density Nutrition for the whole family that is fast, easy, and tasty.

Weight Control

Re-set your metabolism, cure cravings, and kick start your healthier lifestyle.


Detoxify and protect yourself from the effects of living in a polluted environment.

Purium's Pre- & Post-Workout system is clinically proven to enhance your workout and maintain the muscle your already have while building more!! 
Bring your workout to the next level with Purium pre- & post-workout system.

Slow-Down and even reverse the effects of aging through nutrient-dense nutrition

Get Involved

Starting healthy eating habits from the beginning is key to long term health, and Purium wants to make sure every child has that chance. In hopes of finding 1,000 Moms in 100 cities that will help 10 families each eat healthier, Purium began the Million Mom Movement.  Join the movement to get kid friendly recipes and support in helping your family eat healthier.

The Million Mom Movement

Business Opportunity

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Joining as a Brand Partner

Purium has been on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies 4 years IN A ROW! Only roughly 500 companies out of 7 million have reached that level of growth. Interested in being a part of this explosive growth? Click on the link to watch the video, and then click on the link below.
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