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Profound Impact:

Getting Past Self-Help Cliches

Our journey through life is littered with challenges.
As we navigate these hard won lessons, we are often give advice about how to heal from loss, sadness, anger, and grief.  The problem with this advice is it often comes in the form of a self-help cliche.  Journey with me as I break down the 9 most popular self-help cliches.  Learn what they mean, how they feel, and follow step by step advice on how to get there.
The Chapters Are:
Love Yourself
Stop Resisting
Healthy Boundaries
Letting Go
Calm Down
Trust Your Intuition
Choose Love
Profound Impact is currently in the publishing process.  If you'd like notification when the book is ready, please email us at

Stay tuned for news of our book in progress:

Topics will include attachement parenting, natural remedies for common childhood illnesses, breastfeeding and infant care, green living for the entire family, information on different types of alternative and holistic medicine, and parenting High Vibrational Children.

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