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If you click on the picture it will open it in a larger format. You can also download it from the green arrow on the bottom left hand side when you hover over it. If it's covered in pink move your mouse from over the top of the picture.

This page will give you examples of how to word things. Always be authentically you--use these as an outline rather than as a "Have to."

Remember this is a game of relationships! That is the first priority - get the info out and the awareness up by reaching out to say"Hi how are you doing these days?". If you do this part right, they will ask so you don't have to pitch.

(Via Jeff Brown) My two favorite foundational scripts:
1) Love what you are doing with.............
That's a huge passion of mine. Hey - would you be open to seeing if we can collaborate in our efforts - sounds like we are headed in the same direction

2) My Ray Higdon go to - " Not sure if you would be open to taking a look (and totally cool if you're not) for product or biz


Attraction post pre-launch


I have some SUPER exciting news for you that I seriously can't wait to share! 🥳

I will be spilling the beans tomorrow night, but I wanna have some fun tonight so... 😁

I want you guys to GUESS what I'm doing based on these hints! 🙃


Ya ready?! 🤔


(Give a couple hints...)


Guys, I am pumped to drop ALL the deets tomorrow night so keep an eye out for my post! 🧐

I'd sure hate for ya to miss it! 😬


Ideas if the Launch Post is a LIVE video 


-Why they chose to start a side hustle

-Why they chose this company

-What the products have done for them if they've used them

-Facts about the company

        products are certified 100% organic whenever possible

        no fillers, binder, emulsifiers, toxins, sugar, artificial ingredients, non gmo & vegan

        They've been in business for 25yrs

        They will be plastic free by 2021. We're 80% there now


If they choose to do a launch post rather than live here's one. 



I've been DYING to get this out, you have NO IDEA! 💀


I dove into the Health & Wellness industry, guys! 🌱


NOT with just any company but one with 100% organic super foods!

I could no longer ignore the flashing signs in front of me! 🚫



The world is changing, we are in a time that has shown us now more than ever that our health is #1 PRIORITY

Here are the #facts 💯

- Health is the new WEALTH! 

- People are realizing that the pharmaceutical companies are killing us


- The company's products I've chosen to represent are PURE & TOXIN FREE & proven. 


- Our products have NO emulsifiers, binders, toxins, fillers, sugar or artificial anything!

- My company has been in business for 25yrs

-My company will be plastic free by 2021 & they're 80% there now


I couldn't be more excited about my new journey & the possibilities it creates for me & my family & to have you all along for the ride! 🙌

#Grateful #NewBeginnings 


Here's one to post the day after the launch


The amount of interest I’ve been receiving since my last post is blowing my mind. 🤯

I legit can’t even catch up before a new message pops up! 😱


I have been on the phone or in my inbox answering questions & getting people info on what I'm doing! 🙏🏻


I can’t stress to you how IMPORTANT it’s gonna be for you to get this info & hop on board ASAP!


And I’m doing it BIG. 👊🏻

You in or you out!? 👇🏻

The clock is ticking. ⏰


Comment INFO if you want me in your DMs. 🤙🏻


Email for contacting a Health Professional:

Dear Dr. __________,
I'm writing to share something with you that I feel is extremely important to our community. Most of us realize that there is a crisis with the food supply in this country. So many people are on the standard American diet, and we are seeing the results of that in the form of many lifestyle diseases.
I have found a way to help transition people off the standard American diet in 10 days with a protocol that consists of nutritionally dense superfoods and clean vegan protein to nourish the cells with exactly what they need. 
Below is a link to a short video that explains the mission and philosophy of the company and product line that I have discovered.
I will be in touch soon as I would love to get your thoughts on this and set up a quick phone or in person meeting with you to discuss further.


Advice for when someone first expresses interest in the products or business (from Jessica Short):

"Talk to them like they’re your friend. Relate to them. Send them testimonials that they can relate too. 
If they need to lose weight send them before & after pics & a testimonial. If they have diabetes find a testimonial of someone with diabetes. 

If they’re interested in the business find a success story that they can relate too. If she wants to be a stay-at-home mom find a story about one. If she’s in corporate America find a story of someone similar. 

Hey Sally I just had to share this with you. My friend Sue reminds me so much of you. She was in corporate America at one point too and was so unhappy. She just promoted to Diamond & now she gets to work from home and be with her kiddos everyday. 
Then copy and paste a pic of Sue & her story. 

When people are interested in products I make sure we’ve narrowed down exactly what they want then I make a permalink and send it to them. Then all they have to do is click checkout. Make it super simple for them." (to make a permalink use


Professional Prospecting Script HERE from Tanya Aliza

(Network Marketing Trainer)



75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Why wouldn’t we want to share this opportunity, especially when it involves the highest quality products that profoundly help people? 📷📷

Leading with the business (business, CBD/business and Biome Medic/business) 📷📷📷

Hi ____ -- I just launched a new business that I'm super excited about. The company I've aligned myself has been in the health and wellness space for 25 years and is a leader in organic superfoods and CBD. They’re looking to expand in our area and I thought of you because you are dynamic and always successful at everything you do (or you are into health and wellness and I think this would really align with who you are).
Do you have 8 minutes to watch these two short videos?
(insert link to the CBD and Biome Medic videos, the ones that talk about the business opportunity at the end)
I'm eager to hear your thoughts once you've watched, as I really value your opinion.

Short scripts (someone you've been in touch with fairly recently) 📷📷📷

Hey just curious, what are your thoughts about CBD?

If the answer is "what's CBD"? Respond with this: 📷
I just learned about it and it's pretty mind blowing -- check out this 4 minute video

If the answer is "I love it, I've been using it for a while" then respond with this: 📷
Awesome - then you're gonna love this video. Check it out, it's only 4 minutes long and I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've watched it.
(for both of these scenarios, use the CBD video that talks about the business opportunity at the end)

Hey just curious, do you know what glyphosate is?

If the answer is "yes" they probably already know it's bad and they may go on with something like "Yes it's horrible what's allowed to be in our food" or something like that.
Response is: 📷
I totally hear you. Please watch this video - it's only 4 minutes long and very compelling. I think it will really resonate with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've watched it.

If the response is "no, what's glyphosate"? then respond with this: 📷
OMG then you have to watch this video. It's very important and eye opening and only about 4 minutes long. I'd love to hear what you think after you've watched it.
(for both of these scenarios, use the Biome Medic video that talks about the business opportunity at the end)

Follow up, and then get them on a 3 way call.

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