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Darmaja Energy Work

Shamanic Journeywork

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Darmaja Energy Work

Darmaja is an energetic healing art that incorporates aspects of Reiki (passive energetic healing touch), Qi Gong (active energetic healing touch), attention, focus, deep breathing, compassion, and ahimsa (non-violence) for the purpose of assisting a patron in healing their mind, body, spirit, and energetic field. All we require is that the patron sit comfortably in a chair while we gently apply light touch to the patron’s head and back during the technique.  This technique can also be done long distance, as energy is not beholden to physical boundaries and locations.  There is a wide range of healing that occurs during these sessions, including, but not limited to:  chakra cleansing, clearing, and balancing; grounding; centering; emotional release; treatment of acute and chronic health conditions; meridian balancing; past life healing; release of karma and karmic chords; relationship healing; clearing of the energetic field; soul retrieval; raising of the patron's vibration.  Emotional processing is often necessary once the energy work portion of the appointment has been completed.


$150 Per Session (for energy work up to 1 hour)

Sessions that require further processing beyond the energy work will be billed at $100/hour

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Shamanic Journeywork

The most profound energy work you will ever experience, Shamanic Journeywork is practiced in what Shaman’s call “non-ordinary reality”.  The Shamanic practitioner uses a number of tools to inspire healing within an individual.  All journeywork is different and depends on the needs of the patron.  It can range from physical healing to healing of relationships to raising a person’s personal vibration.  It can treat childhood trauma years later.  It can clear the way for positive change in your life.  If you are feeling stuck, it is a great tool to help you move forward.  It has successfully been used to ameliorate everything from the common cold to concussions to cancer. It has profound effects on those diagnosed with Autism. If you are only going to try one healing technique, this is the one that will make the biggest difference and impact in your life.  It has the ability to completely change the trajectory of your life in a positive way.  Be ready for everything to change once you embark upon this journey.  As with Darmaja Energy Work, Shamanic Journeywork can be done long distance.  A Shamanic Journeywork session includes post-journey processing. This work is an intensive, deep-dive experience.


$400 per session

This includes a 30 minutes pre-journey discussion

Journeywork (ranges from 45-90 minutes)

 30 minute post-journey processing

Average total time is 2 hours

Limited availability

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