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Helping You and Your Family Thrive 

Do You Believe Life Can Be Full of Magic and Miracles?

Do You Want to Believe It?


Are the puzzle pieces of your life scattered? Are you looking for clarity?


Do you sometimes feels like you are in your own way?

Do you feel like you are *right there* but don't know how to get there?

My job is to lead you back to yourself, to your loved ones, to new information, and to the next steps on your personal journey.


The most challenging journey is towards the self.  Delving into your inner world, looking closely at yourself in the mirror, and owning "What is it in ME that is drawing this experience into my life?" is no easy task. While it's well worth it, the journey is fraught with obstacles and distractions, trauma and pain, and can be so very lonely.


You do not have to do this alone. Let me help you pick up the puzzle pieces so you can see the BIGGER picture.


 I will meet you where you are at on the trail. Together we will insure you have the tools to care for yourself physically, emotionally, and energetically.  

I have walked this journey. I have overhauled my lifestyle. I have cried buckets and conquered chronic illness. I understand abuse. I understand terror. I understand shame. I have looked in the mirror and seen where I have been my own worst enemy. I walked away from conventional medicine and found true healing. I walked away from conventional therapy and found true emotional health.



I deeply understand, I really do. Having walked the journey myself,  I offer you a judgment-free, safe- space; I will love you through it all until you can see your own beautiful soul.

As you heal,  your ancestors and your children will as well. I teach you how to take care of yourself and your family so you can all live your authentic best.

Higher Living is choosing healthy living--healthy relationships, healthy situations, healthy emotions, healthy careers, healthy foods, healthy body, healthy is taking care of yourself on all levels.

It's easier than you think and oh so rewarding!!

And so I invite you onto the trail towards your highest and best self.  Your future awaits.

Learn more about Your Opportunity  HERE.

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