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EMF Protection &
Energy Management Products

According to the World Health Organization, EMF's, short for Electro-Magnetic Field, "are created by differences in voltage: the higher the voltage, the stronger will be the resultant field. Magnetic fields are created when electric current flows: the greater the current, the stronger the magnetic field. An electric field will exist even when there is no current flowing. If current does flow, the strength of the magnetic field will vary with power consumption but the electric field strength will be constant." (

There are both natural and man-made forms of EMF. Depending on the wavelength and frequency of the field, it can interact with the natural energy field of a human in different ways. Some of those fields can be harmful to health and wellness, and therefore a whole new industry has begun to spring up to help mitigate the more harmful fields caused by things like dirty energy (extra electrons flowing through the wiring in our homes), cell phone radiation and towers, smart meters, and even large appliances.


We have found our family to be very sensitive to these fields, and therefore went on a mission to mitigate those effects. For our family symptoms ranged from lack of focus to sleep problems to mood swings to exhaustion and illness. Our sensitivity prompted me to write a blog post detailing all the effects, the science, and what you can do to mitigate EMF in your own home.

In looking for great products we also found products that not only mitigate the effects of EMF on health and wellness, but that also increase energy savings and help us to "go green", thereby saving our health and the earth at the same on!

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SATIC EMF Protection & Energy

At Satic we are American engineers, designers and manufacturers of energy saving products.  Each product was thoughtfully engineered to be affordable, easy to use and effective.

Compelled by our desire to power tomorrow’s economical and ecological change today, we have created a line of products designed to save money and the planet, while our commitment to local manufacturing spurs local trade and industry.  Satic Incorporated main headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Missoula, Montana.  The company prides itself on purchasing its components from American suppliers that sell American electrical components. 

As a UL listed manufacturer, Satic adheres to strict manufacturing protocols that meet UL standards. Quality energy management products made from quality UL approved components.

Our research has shown that at no time in American history or in popular culture have more people truly desired to save money and our planet, yet most feel they simply lack the time or tools.  Our products address that directly, allowing the consumer to create real change and be rewarded financially by measurable savings and longer lasting equipment.  We empower people to conserve natural and financial resources during conservations most important time in human history, with high quality American made products.

As engineers we love what we do, back our claims, honor our warranties and stand behind the products we’ve made with pride. Watch the video below to see Satic manufacturers in action and learn more about the company.

Power Perfect Box Heavy Duty & 3.0/Solar Power Perfect Box

Satic Power Perfect Box (Wire-in)

Single Power
Perfect Box

Satic’s line of Energy Management Systems (EMS) combines inspired engineering with the highest quality analog and digital components available to deliver the latest advancement in energy saving technologies resulting in unparalleled build quality, features, and benefits.


  • Voltage regulation--Protects sensitive electronics

  • Surge protection--Complete system protection

  • Amp reducing phase correction--Reduced electrical consumption

  • Harmonics & electrical noise filtration--Clean power/clear audio & video

  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Reduction--Healthier electrical environment


The EMS will condition, optimize and regulate your entire electrical system in real time. The delivery of clean power will consistently reduce heat, amps and consumption as well as the harmful effects caused by EMFs, electrical noise and negative harmonics on the system. These benefits will quickly translate directly to electrical savings and equipment longevity.

EMS WIRE-IN: The EMS line of wire-in models are available in both 1Ø & 3Ø configurations and were designed to be hard wired directly to the appropriate application. Models are available in a variety of single and three phase configurations in multiple voltages. Common applications include connection to a distribution panel on their own dedicated breaker, to a smaller equipment specific disconnect panel, or in some applications, motor direct, depending on application. Each model is UL, CE and FCC listed and comes with specific and easy to understand wiring instructions and should always be installed by a licensed electrician or certified equipment technician depending on application.

POWER PERFECT BOX: The Power Perfect Box is available in both 1Ø & 3Ø configurations and can be installed quickly and easily directly at the breaker panel. It is available in both a standard and heavy-duty configuration. The standard Power Perfect Box 1Ø is appropriate for homes less than 3200 square feet. The Heavy Duty 1Ø version is for homes over 3200 square feet or homes that have a second A/C unit, hot tub or larger electrical consumption.


"Modern electronics like computers, big screen TVs and compact fluorescent lighting all introduce harmonics and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation into the electrical circuits in our homes.  The result of these harmonics is commonly known as “dirty power” and results in inefficiencies and electrical spikes that are potentially damaging to sensitive electronics.  These harmonics are also a significant contributor to high EMF radiation levels. There is increasing evidence that ongoing and escalated exposure to EMFs can also result in electrohypersensitivity with a broad range of symptoms and potential illnesses. For a review of research related to EMF and health issues see The Bioinitiative Report 2012. Satic’s EMF Eliminator has been shown through third party evaluation to significantly reduce EMF radiation levels. For more on how it works, please watch the video below. To order, please contact us.

Satic Field Shield
IMG_2848 2.JPG

American made Satic Field Shield reflective barrier is the most effective form of RF and electric field insulation available. The original patent was developed by NASA and is currently being used on the international space station.


Gen II Field Shield consists of 8 layers of protection. 1) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor). 2) Closed cell poly-ethylene foam (a resistor). 3) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor). 4) Proprietary invisi-shield reflective blend of titanium dioxide, zinc, silver and ceramic. 5) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor). 6) Closed cell poly-ethylene foam (a resistor). 7) 99.9% Aluminum (a conductor) bonded together, having a grommet (creating continuity between all layers) and a cord to ground it. 8. Yshield carbon graphite EMF paint (in black.)

FieldShield (tm) shields >90% of EMF, EMR(i), wifi, 4g and our engineers will soon begin testing on 5G yet expecting a very similar result. 

Field Shield comes in multiple sizes. The first is standard poster size for the breaker panel and inside the home apposite of the electrical meter.  The second for the bed. Place in between mattress and box spring and affix to electrical outlet. 2'x4’ and 4'x6’ are the two sizes 

SaticPulse -- LED

Satic’s proprietary Quantum Photon technology more effectively converts electricity into light and less into heat. Using far less electricity than standard CFL’s (1/2 less amps) and operating much cooler provides a more pleasant environment, saves additional money and allows the lamp to last more than 3 times as long, greatly reducing landfill, operational and replacement costs.

Satic lamps are an incredible investment and save their own cost in energy each year, while the bright, flicker free light is beautiful and easy on eyes and mood.  Like all Satic products they are guaranteed to perform and warranted to last.

Satic’s Full Spectrum Quantum Photon LED lighting technology creates an unprecedented eco-lighting system that has the following advantages:

  • Consumes less energy – Over 85% more efficient than incandescent lamps and 50% more efficient than standard CFL’s!

  • Superior light for true natural color rendering with increased visual acuity and less eye fatigue!

  • Flicker and strobe free with total harmonic distortion of less than 1% creating a pure waveform and low EMF!

  • Dimmable and Sound Rated A for silent buzz free operation

  • High reliability factors exceeding 99.9% provides much longer life greatly reducing replacement costs and landfill

  • Capable of starting at temperatures below freezing

Satic Shield--Reflective Insulation, House Wrap, Smart Box Mediation

Satic Shield is a radiant barrier insulation that is light weight, easy to install and manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with reinforced double sided aluminum facings. It’s reflective insulation qualities outperform standard fiberglass insulation to keep things warm in winter and cool in summer. Please click on the PDF to learn more.

Power Pod Solar Panel Unit

Satic’s Power Pod is a revolutionary approach to providing solar power virtually anywhere. As a fully self contained system, it is ground based and can be placed anywhere that can provide the best exposure to the sun. The azimuth can be optimized for the latitude as it is adjustable and even has the ability to adjust based on seasonal settings. It is constructed with the best components available including Satic’s Solar Power Perfect Box to ensure clean power.

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