Business Training

1. In your Dreams Technology Back office, under the Resources tab, choose Resource library. From the menu choose "training." Everything you need is there.

2. David Litt's, VP of Sales and Marketing, video on Fast Start Training Guide. Here is the Fast Start Training Manual itself.

3. One Team Network Training Resources.

Crown John Altshuler has put this program together to take you step by step through the business building process. I recommend watching his videos.

4. The Power of Duplication and Pace--a Leslie Zann Training. Notes and videos can be found HERE. This is a step by step guide of things to do to get started right out of the gate.

5. Our "Sister" Team, Agents of Change, have put together these resources. Purium's video team is on this team, so their resources are prettier than ours.

Led by Roxanne Ruby and Skylar Mallas-Darby

1. Present to New Customers & New Brand Partners the Opportunity 
Purium Opportunity
2. Present to Customers 💵
Customers Only $50 Gift Card with Your Custom Code
3. Enroll as a New Brand Partner
Launch Your Business for $199
4. Team Fast Start 
Business Training
5. Get Into Action 
Full Training Modules 1-4 
Plus 💎 Get into Profit in 30 Days