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Higher Living Journey encompasses all aspects of pure living on an energetic, emotional, and physical level.  To that end, we offer the following products that are the best of the best in their respective industries.


Purium Health Products

Purium (a combination of Pure and Premium), is the leader in whole, super food nutrition.  Most well known for the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, Purium carries an assortment of whole food products for detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, family nutrition, green foods, and athlete support.  2-Year Shelf Stable for long-term quality nutrition. All products are free of GMO's, pesticides, synthetics, additives, fillers, excipients, and are certified organic whenever possible.  For ordering information and to learn more about our programs and products and business opportunity please click on the "learn more" button.

Poofy Organics

USDA Certified Organic, Toxin Free, Bath, Body, and Home Care line.  Family-owned and operated, Poofy Organics has over 500 products that are hand-made and hand-packaged in a certified organic facility in New Jersey.  There's a complete line for Women, Men, Children, Baby's and expectant Mama's, cosmetics, nail polish, natural supplements and home care.  Not only are the products as green as possible, they are also incredibly effective.  Click on the "learn more" button to get more details, learn how you, too, can represent Poofy Organics, and start the ordering process.





In these changing times, safeguard your wealth with 99.9999% Silver coins, medallions, etc shipped straight to your home. You can also sign up to open your own store and earn credits towards free silver.

EMF Mitigation and Energy Management

Higher Living Journey is excited to offer a variety of solutions for your health in relation to protection from 5G/Cell Phone Radiation, Dirty Electricity, and other Electromagnetic Field Effects.

Click to learn more.


Higher Living Crystal Wear



One-of-a-Kind, hand-made crystal necklaces cleared and imbued with Shamanic healing for the wearer.

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