Social Media Tips

1. What to do

This Business is about RELATIONSHIPS. Facts tell but stories sell. Be authentic. If it doesn't feel right to you, it won't feel right to others. Use social media to build relationships with people. Provide value. Share your passion. Use private messages to engage in conversation.

2. What NOT to do.

Do NOT post pictures of products unless it somehow is providing value--say, for a recipe video. Do NOT mention the name of the company. Your goal is to create curiosity and get people to engage. Do NOT answer questions about the company in your comments of the post. Instead, send a private message with the information. That allows others to engage their curiosity, and it allows you to deepen your relationships with your friends by engaging in a conversation. There are always exceptions so use your best judgment. But don't sacrifice relationship building for time.

3. Understand Algorithms (FB)

Facebook algorithms are key to people seeing your posts. Here's how they work:

**FB LIVE Videos have the best algorithm. More people will see these posts. If you are not comfortable going live by yourself, ask to do it with someone the first time. Your upline team is always happy to be interviewed. Make sure you PROVIDE VALUE. People do not want to feel like you are trying to sell to them. Creating CURIOUSITY is absolutely key. Do not go live unpacking your box and do not mention Purium by name. You want people to engage and ask questions. The exception to the unpacking video is if you are having an event to introduce your friends to Purium. But then they know up front that you are trying to sell to them.


have the next best algorithm. FB does not want you to use it to sell--they want to "create community." Make sure to respond to those that comment on your pictures. More comments create a higher algorithm. 


are next. The "block posts" backgrounds do better than long-winded posts. If you have a long-winded post to share with people, make sure to add a picture of faces to the post.


have the WORST algorithm. Like it's tiny. Again, FB does NOT want you to sell on it's platform.


The thumbs up button doesn't do a lot to effect the already existing algorithm for the type of post. The HEART, WOW, AND LAUGHTER emoji will INCREASE algorithm, and the SAD AND ANGRY emoji will DECREASE algorithm. The more COMMENTS the better the algorithm. Remember, FB is trying to create interaction and therefore it's algorithm supports posts with more comments. Make sure to "heart" and comment on your team and sidelines posts.

4. Get on Instagram

At the time of this writing I am still learning Instagram myself, but it's a great platform to enhance your business. If you don't already use it, get on. Look for Youtube videos on the best ways to use it. I know IGTV is a really good way to get your message out there.

5. Use YouTube.

If you are comfortable making videos, you can use YouTube as another source to get your message out.