Getting Paid

1. Get Active.

You cannot get paid unless you are active. Active status means you have personally bought 50 Business Volume (BV) worth of product. BV value and dollar value are not the same. The BV value is less than the dollar value. You can find the BV value for every products when you use the shopping link in your Dreams Technology Back Office. Just click on the shop link. Having a Smart Order on file will insure your active status. It will also double the  points you get for the Purium Rewards Program. To put in a smart order, click Account, Change Settings, Smart order. Make sure your smart order is for a minimum of 50BV.


2. Purium Compensation Plan PDF.


3. Purium Compensation Videos.

4. Understand the difference between QV, BV, and CV.

There's a FB file HERE that goes into depth.

In a nutshell,

QV is Qualifying Volume. You receive QV for the purchase of a launch pack. Because you are paid a bonus on a launch pack, it counts towards your volume to rank advancement, but you are not paid on it again in your monthly commission. Your personal purchases are also QV. There is not a separate QV tracking in your back office--it shows as BV.

BV is Business Volume. Business volume is a point value each product is given. It is less than the dollar amount you pay for it (roughly 75% of the dollar amount.) You are paid on the business volume of your downline and their customers.

CV is Customer Volume. While you are paid on the BV of your downline and their customers, you are paid 20%-25% on the purchases of your direct customers. You are paid 20% of the total they buy, and receive a $50 bonus every time you reach the $1,000 mark. (Known as the 1K, 2K, 3K, etc Clubs.) The BV accrued by your personal customers counts as QV towards rank advancement.

5. Go for the Bonuses!

**Go for the K Club $50 bonuses. It's an extra $50 for every $1,000 you sell (see above reference.)

**At the rank of Director, both you and your direct upline will receive a $200 Bonus. To advance to Director status, you need 3 active members (anyone who has spent 50BV in that month), and 2500 BV. (In this case, QV and BV are lumped together.) Your personal purchases (QV) DO count towards your rank advancement.

**At the rank of Executive, both you and your direct upline will receive a $500 Bonus. To reach Executive rank you need 4 active members, and 6,000 BV. (same qualifying remarks as director count here too.)

**At the rank of Diamond and Above you receive a lifestyle bonus and company profit sharing. To reach the rank of Diamond you need 6 active members. You need 3 lines that have a consultant in them (consultants in the same line do not count for more than one.) And you need 15,000 BV. To receive the lifestyle bonus you must also do one of two things to qualify--Either you must be in the 1K club OR you must have a brand partner on your team that has hit the rank of consultant or above for the first time. That brand partner can come from anywhere in your line--they do not have to be on your first level.

6. Pay Periods

We get paid 5 times a month. We get paid on every Friday for our customer purchases (and the customer purchases from our downline), and we get paid monthly on the 15th for the previous months team totals and bonuses. The weekly pay periods go from Saturday to Friday, and you are paid the following Friday. If you have not been active, you must become active in the week of that pay period that a customer buys from you in order to be paid. If you are not active, the payment will go to your upline. A Smart Order on file for 50BV or more will protect you.

7. How Gift Cards effects Payment.

When a customer places an order for the first time, you only get paid on what they paid for. So the gift card does remove $50 off their total. It also removes 40BV off the total BV for the products they purchased.