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Understanding the Programs

**See the bottom of this page for graphics for corporate that go over all of this as well**

1. Launch Pack

**The Launch Pack is $199. Your gift card code does not apply to the purchase of a launch pack--in this case it is just a referral code.

**If the new brand partner buys $250 worth of product with their launch pack order, they will receive free shipping and the launch pack becomes $99 rather than $199 (through Dec. 31, 2018.) They cannot use the gift card code because it only applies to retail purchases. A new brand partner will automatically get the 25% off of that first order.

**If the new brand partner purchases $500 worth of product with their launch pack, the launch pack is free and they will get free shipping. Again, they will receive 25% off the products so the $50 does not apply.

**Promotions--Purium will often promote a certain pack. If you buy the pack then the business is free. As of April 2020 the packs that come with the business for free are the Core 4 Nutrition Pack and the 30 Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and the Immune Support Pack

2. The difference between 25% off and 15% off

A customer or brand partner who orders once a month receives 25% off the retail price. There is no minimum for a customer, but a brand partner must have a personal order of 50BV or more to be eligible for payment. If a brand partner skips a month, they just need to place a 50BV order to become eligible again.

If an order was not placed monthly the savings goes down to 15%.

3. Big Spender Discount

Whenever a customer or brand partner buys $250 or more, they will automatically get 25% off the order (regardless of whether they bought the previous month) and they will get free shipping.

4. Loyalty Rewards

Purium Rewards can be found when you sign into your Ishoppurium account. Details for how the program works can be found HERE.

5. Three and Free

Buy a certain product for 3 months in a row, and in the fourth month Purium will give the customer/brand partner enough loyalty reward points to get the fourth month free. See below graphic.

6. Smart Order

A back up order in case someone forgets to place their monthly order. It protects the brand partner's paycheck by insuring they order every month. It gives both customer and brand partner double the loyalty rewards  points towards more product. In order to be eligible for bonuses and company promotions you must have a smart order on file. See below graphic for more.

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