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F.A.S.T. Start Program

and Diamond Brilliance

The below PDF can also be downloaded from the iLearn website. Purium F.A.S.T. Start is designed to get you off on the right foot in your business. It incentivizes you and your newest brand partners to build quickly by doubling the bonuses your receive for hitting new ranks.

Purium ranks start by following A, B, C, D, E.

A. You begin as an Associate.

B. Your next rank is Builder. That is 300 BV and 1 active person. An Active person is defined as anyone who has bought 50BV or more (customer or brand partner.) For those new to the business keep in mind that the use of the gift card code takes 40BV off the top of the order.

C. Your next rank is Consultant. That is 1,000 BV and 2 active people. Bonus is $50 the first time you reach that rank. If you reach it in your first 10 DAYS with Purium ,the bonus goes up to $100 and your enroller also gets $100.

D. Your next rank is Director. That is 2,500 BV and 3 Active People. You get a $200 bonus the first time you hit Director. If you hit it in your first Month Plus (the month you enroll plus the month after that) you will receive $400 and your enroller will receive $400.

E. The next rank is Executive. That is 6,000 BV and 4 Active People. You get $500 the first time you reach that rank. If you reach that rank within the first 2 months plus of enrolling (the month you enroll plus the following 2 consecutive months) you will receive $1,000 and your enroller will receive $1,000.

In a nutshell, if you build quickly you will receive $1500. If you sign up people who also build quickly you receive the benefits of their hard work with an additional $1500. Enrollers do not get bonuses on rank advancements unless they happen within the F.A.S.T. Start time frame.

You MUST have a SMART ORDER on file to be eligible for F.A.S.T. Start bonuses.

To understand the specifics of BV and Active people, go to the Compensation page HERE.


Now a permanent part of the pay plan, Diamond Brilliance Incentive offers you an additional $1,000 in potential bonuses. If you reach Diamond by the end of your third month plus, you will receive an additional $500 bonus. AND if you maintain that rank for the following two months after you first achieve it, you will receive an additional $500!!

Diamond rank is 15,000 BV, requires 6 active enrollees, and three of those enrollees have to be at Consultant rank or above.

See Below for PDF's on both FAST Start and Diamond Brilliance. Clicking on the below PDF Reader will open it in a bigger window for you.

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