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Launching your Business

The most important thing you have to know is this business is about relationships. People buy from and choose to work with others that they like, respect, and admire. The MOST important thing to remember is to value and respect and build relationships. Don't be a salesperson--be a friend. Ask questions. Find out what is and is not working in their life. Celebrate with them the things that are working!! Offer solutions to those areas of their lives that aren't working. Purium can often be a solution to any health or wealth challenge. Everything else comes second to your relationships.


That said, here's some nuts and bolts steps to building your business.

1. Have you filled out your Action Planning Worksheet?

  • Do you have a goal?

  • Do you know your why?

  • Have you made your list of potential brand partners and customers?

  • Have you touched base with your upline about the above?

The energy and attitude from which you talk about your business will determine how people receive you. Being very clear with yourself and your purpose will help you communicate clearly with potential brand partners and customers. If you're having trouble with that, then talking to your upline mentor can help you clarify.

2. Facts Tell, but Stories Sell

Most people respond to emotion rather than facts. Rather than telling someone about the amazing products you can now share with them, you want to tap into their heart and emotions and talk about the SOLUTIONS you've found to share with them. 

Purium products will often create solutions to the main problems people experience--those problems can be broken down into the acronym SWIPED.

S    Sleep and Skin challenges

W  Weight challenges

I    Inflammation challenges

P   Pain challenges

E   Energy challenges

D  Digestion challenges

As a business, Purium represents the change we wish to see in the world when it comes to our mission. Purium's mission is to "End Human Suffering through Superfood Nutrition." We have three pillars:

  1. Superfood Nutrition

  2. Environmental Stewardship

  3. Economic Empowerment

Our goal is to be plastic free by 2021. Our company uses our profits to donate to orphanages that save girls from the sex trade in Thailand and offer scholarships of a free business and superfoods to families in need. We support organic farming all over the world. We are farm to family, and our products are the most efficient means of nutrient transfer on the planet. Our products have no binders, fillers, excipients, artificial colors or flavors, synthetics, added sugars, irradiation, GMO's, pesticides or herbicides in them. They are dehydrated with pressure rather than high heat to preserve the natural enzymes and avoid denaturing the proteins.

So tell YOUR story when you announce your new business venture. Put all your passion and all your hope into your words. Be authentic and open and share your hope and your fear and your gratitude.

For ideas on how to word posts, please click HERE to go to the SCRIPTS page to get ideas. 

3. NEVER use the name of the company in your post. NEVER put your giftcard code and links into the comments. 


  1. You want to CREATE CURIOUSITY. Too much information bypasses someone's curiosity. When they are curious, they engage. That engagement leads to discussion in private messages where you can learn what problems  people want to address. If you don't create the discussion you never learn what their problems is and therefore cannot offer them the solution. We are in the business of offering SOLUTIONS. Selling is really about educating and being someone others' trust. By creating conversations in your private messages you truly become that person for people. It takes more time, but it will result in more progress.

  2. If you put the name of the company in the post then they might google the company and they may come upon an unhappy customer, which will color their willingness to engage with you. 

  3. Links in a post make it so someone can go look at it without engaging you. Creating connection is far more powerful then someone just looking at a link. Network marketing is about creating a network.

4. When you make your first post, try to use a picture of yourself. It will have the highest algorithm. FB does not like pictures that have words on them or pictures of products-- it likes FACES. And your friends want to see you. Get creative. If you feel comfortable, going LIVE is also VERY powerful. It has the best algorithm on FB.

5. After your first post, get creative with your stories on Instagram and FB. This will change for every individual. If you're not good at social media yet you'll want to watch the trainings on it. BUT...remember that going FAST will create the momentum you need to grow your business. Don't let FEAR stop you from going for it!! It helps to friend and follow your upline, sideline team members, and leaders in Purium to see how they do it.

6. Send individual messages/emails/phone calls to the people on your list you know well. Use those people who you know will support you to practice. We all have close friends and family members who will support us--start there. It's always better to talk to a person versus using texting/email/PM. Try to get people on the phone.


If you offer the products and they say no, you can never offer the business. But if you lead with the business opportunity and they say no, you can still offer the products. You never ever know who is going to say YES.


As I just said, you never know who will say yes. You also never know who will be good at this business. Sometimes the seemingly least likely to be successful are your best brand partners, and sometimes those you think will just "kill it" at this business do nothing. 


There is power in visualization. Imagine the people you want to be in business with. Write down their names. Write down the characteristics of the people you would like to work with. 


The most powerful tool we have in this business is the three-way call. It creates a triangle of trust. Your prospects know you but they may not believe your "hype" about the company. Having someone they do not know tell them how great the company is gives them a more unbiased perspective and helps the to see where the business or products could fit into their life. You will get much further in the business if you use the 3-way call. The other thing the call does is create a training ground for you. It allows you to hear the wording and the passion so that when the time comes for you to lead for your team you feel comfortable doing so.

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