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ULT--Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Purium's 30 Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is an easy to follow superfood lifestyle program that deeply nourishes the body and creates full cellular satisfaction. 30 Days to gain more energy, get better sleep, reset your metabolism, lose weight, create glowing skin, reduce inflammation, detoxify, improve digestion, and create the habit of a lifestyle that supports you to be the best version of you!

The Lifestyle Guide has all instructions for doing the ULT:

Lifestyle Guide October 2020 LINK HERE


Lifestyle Guide October 2020 PDF download

Link to individual page pictures from the Lifestyle Guide in FB Album

All-in-One Website link

Agents of Change Team Web Page for Quarterly Group Transformations--all in one resource for sharing with those committing to a ULT.  For sharing, the link is

Need to understand how it works and how to sell it?

PDF version Training Guide on the ULT (also found in iLearn under ULT)

There is a whole section in iLearn detailing this program--Look for Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation in iLearn. 

Facebook Support Pages to join and add customers to:

Purium Lifestyle Transformation Support Group (run by Corporate)

Core 4 Nutrition Launch Group (run by Agents of Change Team and Team Bliss)

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Support Group (quarterly group cleanse page) (Run by Agents of Change)


Here is the link to the products page:

Individual product pages linked with each product below. On the individual pages you will find more information, videos, Purium blog posts, ingredients, etc.

1. Super Amino 23 -- Build

  • Pure, Vegan Protein

  • Puts muscle on anabolically (without exercise)

  • Pre-digested, free amino acids that move straight from the stomach and upper intestine into the blood stream in 23 minutes. Creates no metabolic waste and therefore does not have to be processed by the liver or kidneys.

  • Supports muscle development, energy, brain/mood balance

  • Negligible caloric values mean adding muscle while still being able to lose weight/fat

  • iShop product page HERE

  • Super Amino 23 Fact Sheet PDF 

2. Power Shake -- Nourish

  • Anti-oxidant value of 5 Superfood salads

  • Alkalizes the body

  • Deeply nourishes the cell

  • High in the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health

  • iShop individual product page HERE

  • Power Shake Fact Sheet PDF 

3. Biome Medic -- Detoxify

  • Balance gut health

  • Reduce inflammation by 75%

  • Detox the herbicide round up and other toxic chemicals

  • Assist in the healing of "leaky gut"

  • Has probiotics that encourage the healing and growth of intestinal micro-villae

  • A 6 week pre-clinical trial showed that taking this products reduces glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) by 74%, decreases inflammation as measured by C-Reactive Protein by 75%, and decreases gut permeability by 35% in 6 weeks. For the study and press release go to the product page HERE and click on "Videos and More." That is the link to the iShop individual product page.

  • Biome Medic Fact Sheet PDF 

4. Apothecherry--Regenerate

  • Anti-Aging Benefits

  • Highest anti-oxidant value of any fruit on the planet--one serving is the equivalent anti-oxidant value of eating 7-10 pieces of fruit.

  • Best source of natural melatonin on the planet, therefore assisting in deep, restorative sleep

  • Supports healthy uric acid metabolism (great for gout)

  • Highly anti-inflammatory and therefore great to reduce pain caused by inflammation of all kinds

  • iShop individual product page HERE

  • Apothecherry Fact Sheet PDF 

5. Super CleanR -- Cleanse

  • Anti-parasitic -- flush parasites

  • Supports healthy bowel elimination

  • Releases Toxins

  • More on Parasites HERE at the Purium Blog

  • NOT suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers

  • iShop individual product page HERE

  • Super CleansR Fact Sheet PDF


(Much of this is in the Agents of Change Web link at the top of this page, but here they are individually)

Teaser Video--

Upgrade your life (wide version) 

In iLearn under ULT you will find downloadable versions in wide screen, square, and story format

Simple Step-By-Step Summary of what the ULT is and how to use it presented by Red Diamond Roxanne Ruby HERE.


Before and After Stories and pictures HERE in our Higher Living Purium Team Group.

Scroll through the FB groups pages to get new stories. These two groups are the best for that:

Purium Lifestyle Transformation Support Group (Run by Corporate)

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Support Group (Run by Agents of Change)

Core 4 Nutrition Launch Group (Run by Agents of Change and Team Bliss)


1. DO the transformation. Make sure to take all measurements (inches and weight) and take before and after pictures. Tell your story personally or on social media. If you haven't done the transformation use other people's stories.

2. Private Message those who are interested in your story and have a discussion with them. Listen to their pain points and explain how the ULT can help them. Most people will have challenges with the SWIPED acronym--sleep/skin, weight, inflammation, pain, energy, digestion. 

3. If they need more information send them one or both of the videos I listed above. If they are detail-oriented send them the website listed at the top of this page

4. Close the deal. Create a link to the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation using It will embed your code and all they have to do is put in their address and pay.

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