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Please don't hesitate to ask questions!

The Facebook page linked here is our public page "Higher Living Journey".  Pinned at the top of the page is a post with all of our various closed groups on Facebook for more in depth discussion. Because of the sensitve nature of some of the topics discussed in those groups, you must request to be added. The YouTube icon will take you directly to our Youtube Channel, where we post videos that pertain to all areas of the Higher Living Journey--Energetic, Emotional, and Physical Health, as well as the current energy on the planet and how to navigate it for your personal highest good. 

Higher Living Journey

Castle Rock, CO

Tel: 303-513-1204

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Social Media Sites

In this time of censorship and confusion I have opened many social media accounts to insure I stay connected. I focus on Facebook and Telegram.

Telegram Channel:

Telegram Group Chat:

I have accounts on the following platforms:

Telegram, Parler, Gab, Clouthub @higherlivingjourney


MeWe: (run by a medical freedom advocate) and Global Leap Community and Movement: my name on both


I’m also on Signal and Voxer 

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