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Cucumber Mint Cooler


Back Story--There was a restaurant near us that made a Cucumber Mint drink and the kids loved it. But then the restaurant went out of business and Mom had to figure out how to make it (healthy version of course!) The Middle Child has declared this "the best drink I've ever had!" I'll take it! **Please note--You can save $50 on all the linked products using gift card code higherliving

  • One chilled mini watermelon, cut into pieces. This is used in place of a sweetener like sugar or agave nectar and water.

  • 4 FROZEN mini cucumbers. If you don't have mini-cucumber I'd say it's about 1/2 of an average size cucumber. If you freeze it then you don't have to add ice and avoid watering the drink down.

  • 2 leaves each of fresh peppermint and spearmint.  

  • 2 TBSP of Biofruit

  • 1 TBSP Original Green Spectrum

  • 1 Scoop Aloe Digest

Blend together and serve fresh.

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