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Once you have your list of potential brand partners and customers, use the KISS plan-- Keep It Simple Stupid. Remember that this business is about RELATIONSHIPS. Everything you do is about respect and building your relationships.

Here are the simple steps to bringing people into the business:

1. Excite

Talk about the company and the products with passion and excitement. It's contagious. People will FEEL your conviction.

From a Linked In contributor: “It is our job to take a customer from unaware to aware, then from aware to curious, and then from curious to interested. If we skip any steps we likely create a scenario where the customer doesn’t buy because they’re confused.”

2. Invite

Find out what they, wealth, or both? Then keep it simple -- send them one or both of the following links. Make sure they have your code. Make sure you use proper languaging when sending it: "If I send you a link will you take a look at it?

New Customers

Business Opportunity

3. Follow up

"When can I follow up with you?" Or even better, "I have time to follow up with you on x or y day. What works for you?"

4. Plug them in

Lead them to events and meetings. Plug them into you upline through a 3-way call. Create camaraderie and community. We need each other. Make sure that you lead by example. You have to show up for your team to show up. Your team will do in excess what you do in ​moderation (both good and bad.)

5. Repeat!!

6. Need ideas for what to say? Go to the Scripts Resource Page HERE

NOTE: If you are having trouble making a list, this Memory Jogger PDF below will help.

Have a new brand partner and need some guidance on first steps? Check out this PDF on the Onboarding Process.

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