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Revitalize Family 30 Day Health Challenge

Are you ready to get healthy, create deeper bonds...and compete for some cash?

The Goal

  • To increase daily nutrient-density for more energy, focus, healthy elimination and detox and greater health

  • To promote reading labels and learning to make informed nutrition decisions

  • To support family exercise

  • To support the cohesiveness of the family through positive time together

  • To increase mental wellness

The Rules

  • Post daily about your challenge successes on your social media timeline using #revitalizefamilychallenge #millionmommovement. Tag the person who sponsored you into the challenge so we can keep track.

    • Posts can include pictures of the family drinking their green drink, exercising together, sharing quality family time, or new knowledge you've gained throughout the challenge that you want to share with friends and family​

  • Everyone in the family eats their superfoods daily

  • Everyone exercises daily (even if it's just a walk around the block)

  • Everyone in the family engages in a mental wellness activity daily ie meditation/prayer, journaling, deep breathing, nature walk, etc.

The Winner --$200 up for grabs

  • The winner of the challenge will be chosen by Higher Living Purium Team Members based on the following:

    • Did the family ​participate daily?

    • Creativity of the participant's overall social media posts

    • Engagement of friends and family on the social media posts

    • Who's story most impressed, inspired, or otherwise made a big impact

The Superfood Pathways

In addition to Purium products a list of superfood suggestions will be provided

Pathway #1: Dip your toe in

A family four pack of Biome Medic to enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, and detoxification and one serving of a green drink a day. The family can choose from Green Spectrum*, Lemon Green Spectrum*, Barley Green Juice, or Family Kamut Blend Terra Pack. Green drink is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Swishing in the mouth will make it taste better. Suggestion for family members who don't like the taste--have a race to see who can drink it the fastest or add a touch of lemon juice to the water. *Depending on the size of the family more than one green spectrum bottle may be needed for the 30 days.

Pathway #2:  Walk straight into the water

Adults Core 4 Cleansing, Athletes, or Nutrition Daily Product Regimen (see bundles here)

Children Daily Epigenius Kids Serving​​

Pathway #3: Full Dive into the Deep End

Adults any 40 Day Bundle

Children: Epigenius Kids daily + Immune Shield and In Focus​​

Pathway #4: CREATE YOUR OWN!

Work with your Purium Representative to create a program that fits your family. The only requirement is that it ​​increases the nutrient density of your daily diet and is profound enough make a health difference in your life.

The Support

You will be added to a Facebook Group Page--Revitalize Family Health Challenge​. In that group you will find support, be able to ask questions, get daily motivation, and find your tribe.

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