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**At the moment you are the only person who has this link (this is my website). It's a private, unpublished page. It is easier to see on the computer. There's a weird gap under the slide deck on the phone so keep scrolling and read through it all.**

  1. Trauma Bonds



    3. Helpful shorts --Click on the slide deck to see full picture -- as I find new ones I will add them


  1. The Way of the Superior Man (on stepping into Divine Masculine)

    1. ​DCL Library Link

    2. Or just get it on Amazon

  2. Out of the FOG -- How to see the toxicity, how to set healthy boundaries in the midst of toxic relationships and heal from them

    1. Streaming Audiobook  and ebook (Must have the Hoopla app--you can download it from the library)

    2. Or just get it on Amazon

PDF sent to Kim with 4/17 updates-- download by clicking on the PDF symbol (it's wonky on the phone but clicking on it still works) 

Ways to communicate: 

1.  Telegram. You can mute it so it doesn't show up on your screen. It's a private messaging app. I also have a group page where I keep people updated on current events. 

Hey, I'm using Telegram to chat. Join me! Download it here:

2.  You can also download Signal. It's a private messaging app where you can mute it as well so the notifications don't show up on your main screen.

3.  If you can get back into FaceBook I can create a private group page for just the two of us where you can speak openly and no one but you and I will know where to find it. That would be amazing because I'd be able to share a lot more things with you that are short and to the point.

Keep in mind that the fact that you can't communicate openly is a HUGE red flag/sign of a toxic relationship. 

But if you don't want to communicate I need to know that too. I'll respect the boundary whatever that means. What I don't want to do is continue to pretend like the fact that I can't just talk to you is a normal situation. 

Finally, if you want to break it open then you need to actually act like you are in a healthy relationship. Talk to her about the board--this effects her life too and it isn't fair to keep it from her. Talk to her about your fears. Talk to her about wanting to heal the relationship. Ask to go to counseling together. Work with Chris and be open about the fact that you are doing so. Kim sent me to him because my vibration is too high for her to work with. Chris is the real deal. He'll kick your ass but he'll make a gigantic difference and quickly. I can do it too but a man who is on the outside who is embodying who you want to be would be amazing for you. Don't hide your healing. Ask yourself what a man would do who is standing in his power? If she doesn't believe in the type of healing you are doing but loves you and wants the relationship to get better than she will support it even if it isn't her thing. I say that because Chris is typically open in the evenings Commit to weekly sessions for yourself--with me, Chris, someone else. But not all healers are the same caliber. If you want advice on choosing someone else let me know and I can help there. Healing is a commitment you make to yourself. I meditate every single day. I work to be mindful every single day. I work with Chris every single week for almost a year now. I work to be the best version of myself every single day. I take responsibility for myself and my actions--even the hard ones like becoming the perpetrator. I apologize when I need to. I stand up for myself but can have real conversations even when they are painful. Racing heart and all. Courage isn't the absence of fear--it's doing it anyway. 

Commit to a course and stick to it. That's where the magic is. And the thing is--I KNOW you. You are more than capable of doing this work and shifting things quickly if you commit.

I'm your friend. A real one. I'd like that to be reciprocated. I want to honor the very special situation.

And keep in mind--if you're feeling it, so am I. The mirror holds true in both directions. If you get brave start researching twin flames. Some of it is crap....but a lot of it is not. This FAQ is a good place to start. We're kind of stuck in this journey together. I am consciously choosing love, consciously choosing to keep my heart open, consciously choosing to get the lessons, consciously doing the healing etc. I've gone back and forth on if this is *real*. Every time I've tested it I get confirmations--weird synchronicities, overt signs, dreams, Tarot cards, etc, etc. But if it's not true, I still find the mirror to be super helpful to the journey. There are SO many things I've learned by using you as the mirror. You have NO idea how much you've helped me. Frankly, I'm interested in the magic.

Update 5/22

Since I saw you last I've been getting constant downloads meant for you. Apparently I'm your own personal oracle. I don't want to cross boundaries. I told spirit to bug you, not me. I told them to tell you to call me if you wanted the help. They aren't listening. It's driving me nuts and I can feel your stress pounding at me. So I'm going to write it all down on another page on this website. Click here to see it. Read it if you want to--or don't. But I have to get it out.

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