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8 Easy Ways to Take a Ride on the Healthy Train

Cheesy title notwithstanding, I got the idea for this blog post from a friend who noticed something interesting. As a community, we are awesome at gathering around our friends who are ill. We make casseroles and start Go-Fund-Me pages and makes visits to the hospital. She mused that it would be awesome if we supported each other in maintaining good health and avoided the sick room all together. We could make gifts of vitamixers and juicers, organic meals, and massages. We could support each other by encouraging workouts and emotional processing. We could celebrate each step towards a healthier you! There are lots of ways to get and remain healthy, but if you're just starting out it can seem

WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW: 5 Ways You Personally Can Change the World

The symbol above is the "Om" symbol in the shape of a heart. The "Om" represents the vibrational frequency of balance in the body. In the shape of a heart, it transcends our physical body to bring in the frequency of source--which is effectively LOVE. I've been watching social media over the last few weeks and it's been devolving more and more into fear. The Presidential Race has triggered anger, helplessness, rage, confusion, activism, unrest, and separation. The outcome of a certain rape trial in California has triggered both outrage and fear between the genders. That outrage and fear has been channeled into dark paths of revenge, retaliation, and resentment towards both the perpetrator

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