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Mastering the Phoenix Process

Updated: Feb 20

Someone asked me today how I get through the stress. "From your stories it looks like you have faced some pretty big mountains."

Oh, honey, don't we all?

You can't compare yourself to anyone else. Each person has their own journey as we each face the mirror.

First, everything you thought you knew begins to crumble.

Family and friends fall away. You question every decision you make, finding yourself freezing with self-doubt. Your mind goes into overdrive, paralyzed with indecision, doubt, and fear.

Rugs get pulled. Paths end in brick walls. Nothing makes sense. All alone, you retreat into your core.

The process has begun. As your feathers drop off, you are losing everything that is NOT you.

And then the BURNING begins.


No one understands. The people you have always been surrounded by can't relate....they fall away and you are left with making the decisions. Standing in your power, saying no to that which no longer serves you, and being willing to do it ALONE.

Realizing that lonely isn't being alone, it's feeling alone in a room full of people.

Your soul craves more....

More Connection

More Authenticity

More Love

More Truth

As Bernhard Guenther wrote on New Year's Eve, "I wish you disillusionment." The falling away of all things that are not truth.

It's stark.

It's real.

It's raw.

And you just might drown in the tears.

Remember, dear one, that the tears of the phoenix are HEALING.

We must increase our knowledge; learn new skills, new concepts, new ways of living. We must let go of the habits that keep us stuck.

We must ask questions and ask for help. And we must be willing to be wrong.

Self-care is paramount.

  • Eat organic, healthy foods.

  • Hydrate.

  • Get Sunshine.

  • Exercise.

  • Breathe Profoundly.

  • Meditate.

  • Forgive.

  • Rest.

And through it all you must FEEL. ALL OF IT.

There is no going around the FEELING. When we try, we fall back into the old, self-destructive habits that we are in the process of burning down.

Look at the reflection in the mirror. Own it. Own the shadow. Integrate it. Find someone who can hold the sacred, loving space to help you through this process.

Take the step in front of you....over and over and over again. And when you take a step back? Remember that you are still facing the right direction.

The basics are the basics for a reason.

Chop Wood. Carry Water.

And as your inner world changes, so too will the outer world.

Your heart expands.

New friends will fill in the vacant spaces. If the family of origin falls away, a family of choice will take its place.

A new, healthier, more authentic version of you begins to emerge. Your Soul Smiles.

Be patient, as learning to fly takes time.

I would be honored if you choose me to help you through this process. Be it help with nutrition and the balancing of the physical body, or holding sacred space for your emotions, please reach out if you feel so called.



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