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Healing Adrenal Imbalance Naturally

I get asked about adrenal imbalance more often than any other question. And my answer is YES!! You CAN balance your adrenals naturally. Through the lens that I see the world, adrenal imbalance goes hand in hand with nearly every chronic condition that exists. And in our high stress, high achievement culture, nearly everyone suffers from this imbalance at one time or another, and many people chronically. The obvious, and sometimes not so obvious, symptoms of adrenal imbalance include: Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep Anxiety and Panic attacks Depression Blood Sugar Imbalance Hormone Imbalance Food allergies/sensitivities Thyroid imbalance Mood swings Fibromyalgia Restless Leg Syndrome

Stopping an Epidemic: Healing your Breasts from Within

It’s October. What used to be a month about changing leaves and finding costumes has now become a marketing tool for companies wanting to profit off of tragedy. This post isn’t about how those companies who put little ribbons on their products use carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals in those products and then act like they are doing a good thing (see what I did there?). No, that post is for another day. Today I want to talk about the spiritual and emotional side of healing. I want to talk about how we heal our breasts from within. As we talk about this, I may introduce some ideas that trigger you. My words may cause cognitive dissonance inside you. Pay attention to that dis

Higher Living Journey: My Story

When you embark upon a healing journey, it is important to surround yourself with people who can assist you--it's also important that you trust their heart and their knowledge. To that end, I felt it wise for my first blog post to be my personal story so you can get to know me. Like many people in this field, as a child I was highly sensitive, empathic, and I just "knew" things I couldn't know. My growing up years gave me all the experiences to learn how to conquer the emotions of fear. I have experienced abuse, abandonment, bullying, and suidical ideation. I tell you this not so you feel sorry for me, but so you know that when I say, "I've been there, I understand," you know that I trul

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