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A Deeper Explanation of How I Can Assist Your Healing Journey

Updated: Jan 21

I have a very unique set of knowledge and skills and it is often difficult for me to explain exactly how I can help you. The following blog post will explain the various tools I use in my healing work.

After 24 years of metaphysical study and 21 years of natural health study, I have a full range of tools when it comes to the metaphysical and healing arts. In addition to those more unusual qualifications, I also have a degree in psychology with an emphasis in childhood development and neurology. I've worked in a neurology lab and I have over 13 years of experience working with children, including emotionally and behaviorally challenged children, before having children myself. My children are very sensitive, and my oldest had very scary health issues as an infant. It became my quest to heal him, and in that quest I gained a unique understanding of what it means to heal myself and to assist others in doing the same. Over the years, the tool that I find has the most profound effect on healing is vibrational, or energy, medicine. So in any work I do with you, my goal is always to assist you in raising your energetic vibration. To that end I studied Quantum Vibrational energy work and Shamanism, graduating with my Shamanic certification in the Spring of 2013.

A shaman is a master of the light and the dark. They are able to walk the line between the two, bringing the light into the darkness to illuminate and heal. Let me note here that each individual heals themselves. The Shaman is the guide on that healing journey, helping them to remove obstacles and guiding them on how to more deeply connect with themselves and source.

The Shaman's most powerful tool is journeywork. Shamanic Journeywork is when the Shaman enters "non-ordinary reality"--think of it as a dimensional shift-- and uses various tools to help a person remove whatever might be in the way of their healing. Those tools include past life healing and integration, soul retrieval, parasitic energy removal and chord cutting, akashic record retrieval, energy/chakra balancing, connecting someone with their guides/power animals/angels, loved ones who have transitioned, etc., re-alignment of the energetic field, and the list goes on. Pretty much any type of healing you've ever heard of is a tool that can be used during journeywork. I also use an energetic healing modality called Darmaja, where I tap into the energy of forgiveness and the spin of the universe to help a person unwind, balance, and come back into flow. I can use all the above techniques during Darmaja healing. The difference between the two is that Journeywork goes much deeper and typically takes a much longer session. As energy is not dependent on time or place, I can practice long-distance healing easily.

So how does all this work help someone? In a nutshell, everything is energy and when you shift the energy, bringing it into alignment and flow, you can assist the patron in raising their energetic vibration, which results in increased health at an energetic, emotional and physical level. Think of it like an artery that has a blockage. Once that blockage is removed, the body can come back into homeostasis and health. The same is true of your energetic field and emotional body.

My training is unique in that it goes beyond Shamanism into Mysticism. As a Shaman is the master of the light and the dark, the Mystic is a master of the light. A Shaman sees things in duality consciousness (light and dark, up and down, love and hate), whereas a mystic sees things in unity consciousness (everything is one; the only thing that is real is love.) So my approach to my work is quite different than what you would consider the stereotype of Shamanic work and why I refer to my work as Quantum Vibrational Healing. My goal is always to bring you from a place of fear to a place of love. In that endeavor I will use whatever tools I have in my toolbox that I've picked up over the last two decades to assist you. In addition to energy work and Shamanic Journeywork, I have training in just about every metaphysical modality there is, from mediumship to Feng Shui. I use whatever tool is most appropriate for the client in question.

What type of conditions can I treat?

In a nutshell, anything that needs treating. I have worked with the following conditions, although there is no limit to what I can work with:

Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Pans/Pandas, Lyme, Leukemia, slipped discs in the spine, emotional imbalance/anxiety, panic attacks, childhood abuse, concussion/brain injury, chronic family relationship issues, Huntington's disease, empath support and emotional processing, grief, headaches, sensory processing disorder, chronic fatigue, allergies, chronic health conditions like EBV.....

I think you get the idea. In my viewpoint, anytime you remove blockages, create flow, and raise the vibration, healing has the opportunity to occur. As the guide for your personal healing journey I hold the space and assist you in removing the blockages that result in health imbalances. More on my theory of healing can be found in this blog post, "The Hidden Key to Healing."

Because of my studies in natural health, in addition to my energy services I offer my clients support with holistic health, including herbs, homeopathic, and nutrition recommendations. As a mother who has walked the journey of healing a very ill child, I have a full range of experiential knowledge in that endeavor. As a family, we have genetic issues with detoxification, and therefore I've become an expert in pure, or toxin free, living. In support of that goal, I also offer high-vibrational product solutions in the areas of nutrition, personal care, and EMF protection products to assist your journey--click on PRODUCTS for more. I will note that I believe that energetic and emotional healing need to come before physical healing can occur.

I find that the people who respond best to my work are those that are ready to heal and ready to do the work. I also find that group sessions/meditations have a profound effect on healing because when people work together as a collective, the flow of energy grows exponentially. Because I am a homeschooling Mom of three kids, my time to see clients one-on-one is limited. Therefore I will be adding more group healing sessions and classes. I specialize in working with children and their families, and in supporting the light workers to support the masses. For more on the different areas of services I offer, please click on "Services."

Thank you for considering me to assist you on your own personal Higher Living Journey.

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