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Medical Tyranny: A Journey from Fear to Sovereignty Zoom Presentation References

Medical Tyranny:

A Journey from Fear to Sovereignty

How did we get here in 2021? The roots go all the way back to 1910 and the Flexner report. Come with me on a journey through time as we unravel how a coronavirus led to worldwide lockdowns and medical tyranny. As we see the "man behind the green curtain" we can see through the narrative that has gripped the world in fear. Learn how we got here and what you personally can do to empower your freedom and your health, thus standing in your personal, and therefore our collective, sovereignty.

Zoom from November 21, 2021

Below are the references

Global Freedom Convergence Conference


Rockefeller and his Effect on medicine and the world:

The Corbett Report: How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World

How Rockefeller Created the Business of Western Medicine

How the Rockefeller’s Eliminated Natural Medicine to Create the Modern Pharmaceutical Industry

The Flexner Report

Websites/People to follow who are being Censored for going against the narrative


The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

Vaccine Injury Stories:

Reasons to Question the Vaccine:

A summary on why someone would refuse the vaccine

A summary of Covid vaccine debate topics

Researcher blows the Whistle on Manipulated Data in the Pfizer Trials

Unassailable Proof this are the most deadly vaccines in human history

FDA Document used to get the EUA for Children, showing that a heart attack drug is in the children’s vaccine (Tromethamine)

Article on the change of ingredients for the children’s shot to include a heart attack drug

In Vitro study showing spike protein effects DNA repair

Gibraltar Cancels Christmas

Mortuaries Fill with thousands of extra non-covid deaths

FDA wants 55 YEARS to publish Covid vaccine research used for approval of the vaccine

Pfizer covers up deaths from its vaccine clinical trial

Tennis Pro Pat Cash Talks talks about his Mother’s Two Strokes and Heart Attack from the Vaccine

COVID vaxxed are dying 4 to 1 compared to untaxed

South Korea Surging cases in spite of 90% VAX rate

Deaths in Female children up 57% since release of the VAX (England)

FDA finds all cause mortality higher in the Covid vaccinated

Sweden--People die at 20% higher rate above normal post second shot than general population

Studies on how to convince people to be vaccinated

Lies, Damned Lies, and Coronavirus Statistics—The Corbett Report

Covid-19 Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Jobs & Other Critical Information


Video on the money/people behind the scenes pushing the narrative:

Dr. Ryan Cole on all the questions surrounding Covid 19 and the vaccines:

CDC gives up goal of “herd immunity”

40 Places Where Covid Shots have Failed to Stop the Spread

Whistleblower—VAERS reports aren’t being submitted

Death Certificate Changes for COVID 19

Swab Companies Selling DNA?

Natural Immunity

Natural immunity is better according to Israeli statistics

Lasting immunity after recovery

Singapore study that says t-cell immunity lasts at least 17 years

Durable b and T cell immunity

Infection rate in the US

New Israeli preprint shows natural immunity to SARS CoV2 is FAR superior to the artificial kind -