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Three Brains? The Heart, the Brain, and the Gut

Updated: Jan 21

Everyone is talking about what is wrong and how can we fix it? I know what is wrong and how to fix it. I've been talking about it for YEARS. I pray today that this post will be the lightbulb for people to take the next steps toward change.

So three brains, huh? What does that have to do with society? With gun control, depression, violent behavior, medical freedom, etc? From my viewpoint there are three levels of healing: Energetic/Spiritual, emotional/mental, and physical. You cannot address one without addressing the others.

So let's begin with the Energetic/Spiritual connection--that which you find through your heart. Look at yourself in the mirror. Look at the people around you. Who is slouching? Who's shoulders are forward? That is the number one physical symptom of a closed heart. Our heart is the place where our dreams are conceived. It is the place from which we love ourselves and each other. It is the part where hope, love, compassion, and joy reside. Our heart keeps us in the "now" moment and allows us to follow our intuition towards that next "now" moment that will lead us to our highest vibrational future. It reacts from a place of love. Most people in our society have a closed heart--either from fear of pain or lack of connection. Most people have no idea how to love themselves, let alone others. And I don't mean hugs and cuddles...I mean unconditional love. That love which holds no judgment, but feels the interconnectivity of all that is and honors such. Once that connection with source/God/Universe/potential is shut down we no longer dream. We no longer trust our intuition. We begin to act in self-defeating ways rather than self-building ways.

When the heart is shut down, the brain takes over. The brain is the home of the personality and the ego. When I discuss ego, I define it as such: The ego is the aspect of the personality and physical body that ALWAYS reacts from a place of fear. The Ego will hold you back from your highest version of yourself. In this third dimensional world the ego is what tells us to run from a wild animal. It is what tells us not to touch the red, brightly lit stove top. In that way, it is a necessary part of our physical experience. However, it is also the part of us that holds anger, judgement, bitterness, and it always holds us back through some form of fear. The brain, therefore, always bases decisions on past behavior. It is always in the past, not the present. It cannot create a new reality--that is the purview of the heart. But if you have a heart that is shut down and are relying on your fear-fueled brain you can see how society might start to fall apart.

So let's move on to what many are now calling the "second brain." The digestive system houses the gut microbiome. It is in the gut where chemicals necessary to proper brain function and mood and hormones and immunity are created. Currently, our guts--well, our whole body really, but especially our guts---are under constant siege. The presence of GMO foods and glyphosate in upwards of 80% of the SAD (Standard American Diet) is literally destroying the gut microbiome. When that stops working then the other systems of the body become imbalanced....thus the surging mental imbalances and chronic health conditions we see.

So let's combine everything. The heart, physically an electrical system, is being thrown out of rhythm by constant technology (computers, cellphones, wi-fi, dirty energy, etc.). Connections are being lost as that rhythm falters to the point where teenagers can no longer have conversations without a phone between them. Relationships with the self and others and the world around us are narrowed to the point of disassociation. Shoulders round forward, hearts shut down, emotions are buried. Our heart and brain are no longer connected to each other.

Once that disconnection happens, we are at the mercy of our fear-based ego. We engage in behaviors that reward the pleasure-centers of our brain because we no longer understand how to connect to the "all that is", thus relying on false distractions to bury our pain. We cannot create a new future because everything we do is based on the past.

Now let's throw in the imbalanced gut and the sheer toxicity of the world around us. Since the digestive systems is the home of all the physical building blocks we need to find biochemical homeostasis, and therefore health, it is absolutely key to the health of the individual, and therefore the health of society. If your gut is compromised you no longer can absorb the nutrients needed to keep your body balanced. If you diet is subpar, you cannot expect your body to run in prime condition. If you are inhaling, eating, drinking, and injecting things into your body that interfere with health processes or need to be detoxed out of the body in some way, there's a limit to how much the body can take. Take this one step further and consider the genetic variances that many people have that effect the ability to process toxins, and you can see why some people are more prone to chronic illnesses than others. But let's be real--you cannot avoid toxins in this world without conscious effort. Do you love yourself enough to do so? Because at it's core, toxic behavior is the symptom of a toxic body.

Our society is toxic. The way we interact with our own hearts is toxic. The way we think is toxic. The food we eat is toxic. The water we drink is toxic. The air we breathe is toxic. Is it any wonder the worlds seems to be falling apart?

So when I say things like, "Are you centered, grounded, breathing, and choosing love?", I am trying to remind you of your duty to your heart. When I say things like, "What is your self-talk like? What are you doing for self-care? What are you focused on?", I am trying to remind you to step out of your brain. And when I harp on superfoods, nutrition, and live "pure" (versus toxin free), I am trying to remind you that loving yourself means doing better when you know better.

Healing society begins with healing yourself, your children, your family, and your social circle. It means leading with the heart, not the head. It means speaking about and sharing knowledge compassionately. It means choosing a pure lifestyle. It means no more excuses for not doing what you know you should. Let this be your message from the universe that the time to DO is NOW. If you don't like the direction the world is going then you must start by taking responsibility for the direction in which you are heading.

And that's why I don't call it "Higher Living" but "Higher Living Journey." It starts with just one step. For more on healthy living, detox, spiritual growth, nutrition, parenting, etc, please peruse my other blog posts, service, and products. Namaste.

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