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Helping Children Manage Earth's Chaotic Energy

Can you feel the chaos? I know I can...but even more so, it's effecting the kids. Helping children and families heal is my passion above all else. As a Mom of super-sensitive children myself, I have walked this road. As I type this my 8 and 12 year olds are bickering with each other. And while that is normal childhood behavior among siblings, lately lots of families are seeing escalating behavior and emotional swings in their children. More and more children are being diagnosed with everything from autism to sensory processing disorder to ADHD to oppositional defiant disorder....and the list goes on.

The struggle between light and dark on the planet is intensifying. We are seeing larger disparity between the haves and have nots, larger polarity between social issues (pick one: politics, education, marriage, skin color, medical decisions.), and increasing illnesses of the mind and body. Our food supply, water supply, and even the air we breathe are getting increasingly toxic. Our children, above all else, are the ones suffering most.

In previous blog posts I have talked about my quest towards purity in my environment. We eat organic, we drink filtered water, we use holistic medicine, we use organic personal care products, we avoid toxins whenever possible, and we drink lots of green drinks to help us process the toxins we can't avoid. I will touch on some of that information here. But what if you are doing everything "right" and your kids moods are still unbalanced? What's your next step? Let's explore my three point plan to healing.

Balancing Kids Physically

Pretty shocking statistics, huh? Our children are being born at a disadvantage. During the most key times in childhood development, their little bodies are dealing with a large toxin load. Many children are experiencing chronic health issues--in fact, government statistics show that 54% of American Children have a chronic health condition. I would put forward that most of those conditions are caused by the environment our children are being raised in. Adults are also prone to chronic health conditions due to toxicity overload, but in children it can have life long results. During early childhood children go through critical stages of development. When those stages are disrupted by toxins the body doesn't mature properly. And then life long imbalance can occur.

Accordingly, my first bit of advice for helping your children deal with being in a physical body is to avoid toxins whenever possible. I wrote a blog post on how to do that--click here to read Why Purity Matters. In short, eat organic food, use certified organic personal care products, drink filtered, fluoride free water, drink green drinks, and take detox baths to clear out the toxins to which your are exposed. For green drinks your children will actually drink, click here to learn more about Purium. (Save $50 on your first order with code higherliving.) I find that toxicity of the body is often the underlying cause of many of the childhood diseases we are seeing in the population. By detoxing the body, the body can return to balanced function. If you are reading this before actually becoming pregnant, then make sure to engage in a detoxification program before conceiving.

Furthermore, for children who are out of balance you may consider doing a DNA panel. Many children today are experiencing the epigenetic effects of all these toxins. Epigenetics is the study of how our DNA expresses itself depending upon its environment. Toxin exposure increases the expression of "bad" genes. By understanding the biochemical processes in their body, you can then nutritionally supplement the under/over-functioning pathways to bring the body back into balance.

However, many people who follow me are already doing all of the above, yet they are still seeing behavioral imbalances in their children. So when you are handling all the physical stuff right, then what?

My theory of healing is that you need to not only heal the physical, you must also heal the emotional and energetic aspects of your being. (For more on that, read The Hidden Key to Healing)

Balancing Kids Emotionally

Children learn how to emotionally interact with the world by watching their parents and close relatives. They will take on our ways of dealing with the world, and our ways of expressing our ego. They will then MAGNIFY that behavior and mirror it back to us. Whenever your children are emotionally unstable, always start by looking at yourself. Furthermore, even though you may not be expressing extreme emotions externally, are they happening internally? Because our children will pick up on that, too, and mirror it back. My number one piece of advice for helping your children process emotions is to do your own work. As the parent heals and learns more tools for processing emotions, so too can the child. As the parent moves out of anxiety and into peace, so too can the child.

Okay, I can hear some of you saying in your head, "See, it IS my fault." NO!! That's not quite it. There is no fault. As the saying goes, "There are no victims on a spiritual path." Just as you are here to help your children learn to navigate the physical world, they have come to help you on your own soul path as well. By mirroring you, they are teaching you how to heal--isn't that beautiful?

None of this is to say that you are responsible for your children's emotions. You are not responsible for the way anyone chooses to emote. This is about leading, not blaming. It is also about teaching your children skills of how to deal with intense emotions. Children are rather helpless in this great, big world of ours, and that is scary for them. They have BIG emotions. Help them identify the emotions, and teach them coping mechanisms for when those big emotions hit. By doing your own work, you then have the tools with which to teach them.

Finally, physical imbalances will often lead to emotional imbalances. An angry child likely has liver imbalance. A sad child likely has pancreas or lung imbalance. A scared child likely has kidney/adrenal and/or bladder imbalance. It's important to treat both sides of the equation. Balanced emotions lead to balanced body....and balanced body supports balanced emotions.

But there's another leg of our triangle here that needs to be addressed. We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. So let's talk about healing the Spirit.

Balancing Kids Energetically

I strongly believe that this is the leg of healing that is often not addressed. At its core, everything is energy. A block in energy flow results in blockage of the emotions and physical body. Just as a hose that has a kink in it doesn't work correctly, when the energy in our body isn't balanced and in flow, we will see emotional and physical disturbances. I'd like to discuss a few different energetic imbalances that I regularly see in children, and the solution to those imbalances.

1. Grounding

What does it mean to be energetically grounded? Just as an electrical outlet needs to be grounded for safety, our physical body needs to be grounded as well. To be grounded in the physical means that our spirit/soul is fully IN our body. It is connected to the earth as well as the heavens/universe/God-energy. It is in flow. Lack of groundedness leads to anxiety, ADHD, accident-prone behavior, sensory processing disorder, sleep disorders...I think you get the idea.

So how do we help a child ground? Seriously, the easiest way is to have them walk outside barefoot, and even to hug a tree. Who's laughing? Gardening, playing in mud, singing, concentrated coloring. Anything that brings you fully into the NOW will help you to ground.

2. Closed Heart Chakra

In my training, the heart chakra is the "Grand Central Station" of energetic flow. When it is blocked, energy cannot flow freely through the body and emotional and physical imbalance ensue. Heart chakras will close when someone feels threatened, unloved, or scared. Children are naturally very open, but trauma of any kind can have a profound effect on the heart chakra. Obviously, more extreme situations like abuse and abandonment need to be addressed in more depth.

Singing is one of the easier ways to open the heart. Hugs, words of affirmation, setting strong, compassionate boundaries so that children feel safe, and removing toxic people from a child's life will all assist in opening the heart chakra. Once it is open, free flow of energy can then resume.

3. Foreign Energy

Children are like little sponges. They pick up on everything around them. Empathic children, those that are especially sensitive to the emotions of others', will sometimes take on the emotions and energies of others as their own. When they do that, their auric field becomes clogged with energy that isn't their own. In order to rid themselves of this extra energy, children will often throw random tantrums. If they have someone in their life with poor energetic or emotional boundaries, you will often see this type of behavior after they spend time with that individual.

Ways to combat this include making sure the child is grounded, teaching them how to recognize imbalance when they spend time with certain people and helping them to understand that those person's emotions are not theirs and they are not responsible for others, and setting strong personal boundaries in your life.

In order to remove those energies from a child's energetic field you can go into deep meditation and access their energetic field and help them to clear it. If this is beyond your skills you can hire myself or someone who does similar work to do it.

4. Soul Fracture

That's intense sounding, isn't it? And it also offers a huge opportunity for healing. When I say soul fracture, I mean a piece of their spirt/energy/soul has broken off and in essence is "hiding." This can happen for many reasons. Any type of trauma (divorce, abuse, car accident, past life experiences, chronic illness, etc) can cause the soul to metaphorically put its hands over its ears, close its eyes, and chant la-la-la-la. The piece that feels traumatized will hide in another energetic dimension. When you try to heal that aspect of the soul, healing cannot occur because the piece that needs healing isn't there to receive it. By finding that piece and re-integrating it into the here and now, you now have the chance to heal. This is called a "soul retrieval", and is one of the main things I do during Shamanic Journeywork. This is by far and away the most profound healing work I have ever received, and it is why I trained in Shamanic work. This is the key tool to healing when nothing else is working. If you want to explore this idea further, read the book, "Soul Retrieval" by Sandra Ingerman. Soul retrieval work takes training. Contact myself or another practitioner who does similar work to schedule an appointment if you feel this work is needed.

High Vibrational Children (those labeled as indigo, crystal, rainbow, golden, star seed) are especially prone to energetic imbalance. Click here to learn more about Parenting the High Vibrational Child.

Adjusting to the chaos of the third dimension is difficult for us all. Our kids are the future, and by giving them the healing tools they need for healing now, we offer them the ability to create the peaceful and well balanced future that we wish for them....and for us. Change and healing takes effort and time. The journey takes dedication and fortitude. But the rewards pay off in spades. My logo depicts my family and I walking towards the mountains and a heart shaped ohm. That was purposeful--we are traveling the Higher Living Journey towards enlightenment. Join us. For more information on our services for families, see our New Earth Parenting Consulting Services.

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