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The Hidden Key to Healing

I am an active member of the Natural/Holistic Health community. On every Facebook group, blog, and natural health website there is a consistent theme: THIS cure is THE ONE! Whether talking about diet, essential oils, colloidal silver, herbs, etc., everyone has a “this-is-what-worked-for-me” story. And of course when we find something that worked, we want to share so that others can heal too!

So why is it that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next? Well, physically speaking, we may have different root causes for similar symptoms. But from an Energetic/Vibrational Medicine perspective, it’s all about your energetic vibration.

What is Energetic Vibration?

If you break everything in existence down to it’s smallest possible building block, you will find that it is all energy. Everything is subtly vibrating, and our eyes interpret that wavelength frequency into images. If the frequency of something is not in the visual range, then our eyes can’t process the information and we don’t see it. But of course that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

So it follows that we are simply energy as well. To an energy worker (Shaman, Reiki Master, Acupuncturist, etc), pain, illness, and dis-ease are all, at their core, a blockage in energy flow. Healing occurs when you remove the stuck or stagnant energy and re-generate energetic flow. This is where energetic vibration enters the picture. The frequency at which an object cycles through its wavelengths is its vibration; in other words, how fast it is moving. For example, if you toss your mind back to high school science, you may remember that the colors of the spectrum have different wavelengths, which is how our eyes interpret the information. Red has a longer wavelength, and thus a lower vibration, than purple. Similarly, each person has a different vibration. Healing occurs when you raise your vibration and re-create flow.

How does your individual vibration effect healing?

Your personal energetic vibration depends on many factors and is quite complicated. For the purposes of this article, though, I’m going to simplify it. In this simplicity you will see profound truth.

Your energetic vibration depends on your mind.

Really soak that in: your energetic vibration depends on your mind. How we choose to see the world and interact with it determines our vibration. There’s a book called “Power vs Force” by David R. Hawkins that breaks down the vibrational frequency of emotions. Emotions that are based in fear are low vibrational. Examples are depression, apathy, sadness, and anger. All these emotions, on his scale, vibrate below 200. As you move into emotions that vibrate 200 and above, you change from a system of trying to “force” change to a system of having “power”. A concrete example of how this works in daily life is Gandhi. Gandhi chose to react with love and peace when setting his boundaries with the British. Only one man, he changed the direction of an entire people and country. He did this because his power was so high. On Hawkins’ chart, the power (increased flow and vibration of energy) increases are exponential. That is why one person reacting with love can make a bigger difference then many people reacting in anger.

So the emotions you choose and thus the behaviors you enact determine your energetic vibration. When emotions get “stuck” in the body, it results in blocked/stagnant energy. If that situation lingers over time, it will physically result in illness, or dis-ease.

Now let’s take this one step further. Toss your mind back to high school physics (I know, it’s difficult for me, too!), and let’s re-visit the idea of resonance. When two things resonate at the same frequency, you get increased power. An easy example is swinging. When you pump your legs at exactly the right place in the cycle (at the top point of your forward arc), you increase the speed and height with the most efficiency. Another example are bridges that have begun to swing and then fallen when just the right wind speed was reached. So when two things are in resonance, you get bigger and more expedient results. The same is true with the healing of the body. Substances that will most efficiently enact healing in your body are resonating at exactly the frequency you need to get the system moving. THIS is why what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. It all depends on their energetic vibration and the vibration of the substance they are using for healing.

What to do when nothing works

For healing to occur, blocked/stagnant energy flow must become smooth and flowing. Sometimes a physical substance is at just the right frequency to break up the blockage and bring you back to health. However, emotions and your energetic field are vibrating at a higher level than your physical body. (That’s why you can see your body, but not emotions or an energetic field, even though you know they are present) If the blockage is at the higher level of your energetic field, it takes a high vibrational healing modality to remove the blockage. If you refuse to forgive and your emotions stay stuck, again, it will take a higher vibration healing modality to get you moving forward. In these cases, while physical substances like colloidal silver or essential oils may help you feel better, their vibration isn’t high enough to completely remove the blockage, and thus you will physically see a chronic condition. Conversely, if a person is vibrating at a certain level and you continually introduce a lower vibrational substance into their space (take for example cigarettes, alcohol, or even McDonald’s) you will block energy flow. That is why cleaning up your diet and choosing a toxin free lifestyle can have such a profound effect on health. There are those instances when a person’s power level is so high that they can introduce anything into their physical body and it has no effect. Their vibration is high enough to keep them moving regardless. That’s why those who engage in the metaphysical world will often talk about ways to “raise their vibration.”

Now back to the mind creates our vibration, and therefore our reality. If you believe it will help, chances are it will. That’s the energetic explanation behind placebos. Your mind is resonating with the substance. That’s why some people are cured through chemotherapy, and others are killed by it. And that’s why some people heal using natural medicine, and others think it is quackery. It is all about the mind’s belief systems and your resulting vibration.

What To Do When Physical Remedies Don't Work

Have you tried everything and nothing is working? Chances are your blockage is an emotional or energetic one. Physically treating an emotion is, well, impossible. You have to meet its level. Once you remove the energetic and emotional blockages in your system, you create better energetic flow and it results in healing of the physical body. So to summarize, healing happens first at the energetic level, then the emotional level, and then the physical level. That is the explanation behind everything from miraculous faith healing to why energy work and shamanic work create healing. There are physical substances that can have positive impact on the energetic and emotional bodies. That’s why things like essential oils and flower essences work. But when physical substances stop helping and you remain in a chronic state of imbalance and dis-ease, you must address your energetic and emotional body.

Healing the Energetic Body

The healing of the energetic body can be accomplished in a number of ways, the most effective of which is meditation. However, it can be difficult, and sometimes seemingly impossible, to hold your own space long enough to get into a meditative state. That is when an energetic practitioner (Shaman, Reiki Master, etc) can really help. THIS IS IMPORTANT: An energy worker doesn’t heal you. You heal yourself. An energy worker holds the space for your mind to quiet and ease into flow. Remember, earlier I said your MIND creates your vibration and therefore you reality. And therefore, it is YOUR MIND that actually creates the healing. Run very fast from a practitioner who claims they can “heal” you.

Healing the Emotional Body

Meditation is always a good place to start, and practitioners like psychologists, NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) providers, Energetic counselors, etc can help you winnow down to the root of an emotion. However, there is a technique that you can use by yourself that is highly effective. Automatic writing is when you sit down with the intent of getting to the root of the problem (as you see it in your head). Begin writing whatever comes to mind--stream of consciousness style--and allow it to take you in whatever direction comes to mind. Do not judge it and allow it to flow out. You will be amazed at what you access and are able to process. The key to all emotional imbalance is FORGIVENESS. And bigger than forgiveness of others is forgiveness of SELF.

If symptoms persist after clearing your energetic and emotional fields, continue with physical treatment. There are times when it is best to treat all 3 levels simultaneously. A common example of this is symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the emotion our body feels when it is trying to avoid an emotion that makes us feel afraid. The brain cannot differentiate between a physical threat (a lion chasing us through the grasslands) and an emotional threat (I’m going to lose my job!). In both cases, the body will release adrenaline to ready the body for the “fight or flight” response. In our modern world we live with very high levels of stress. Our bodies are not designed to be in this constant state of increased adrenaline, and therefore many people suffer from adrenal fatigue. Reducing the stressors in our environment, and learning to emotionally face rather than avoid uncomfortable emotions, play a large role in healing this imbalance. However, when you are in a heightened state of anxiety, it is nearly impossible to calm yourself enough to get to the underlying emotions. Physically treating the body to calm it down becomes necessary both for the physical body and the energetic and emotional bodies as well. For more on this topic, see my blog post Healing Adrenal Imbalance Naturally.

Bottom Line:

Your MIND chooses your thoughts, your emotions, and your behavior. Your MIND therefore determines your energetic VIBRATION. When the MIND is unbalanced, imbalance occurs in the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies. Treating those imbalances depends on the resonance of the healing modalities you are using combined with your energetic vibration. So when you are searching for answers, ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! If it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t the solution for you. How do you know that it is your gut reaction and not a ego reaction? Because there will be no fear involved.

If you would like to talk to me more about Shamanic Energy work, please use the Contact button at the top right of the page. For more information, please look under "Services" at Shamanic/energy work. Work can be done long distance.


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