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The World Needs Your Balance

Updated: Jan 21

For the last week I've been meditating daily on balancing my physical body. In many traditions of healing, the right side represents the masculine energy and the left side represents the feminine energy. I have noticed for years that my right side seems to hold too much energy. It is always on my right side that I have pain. My body twists so that my right side leans forward. I have been working diligently to discover why my masculine side dominates so profoundly. Even in my brain, I tend to be very "left brained"--and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

This morning I asked my husband, who is also a Shamanic Practitioner, to assist me by massaging my arms and legs. As I have worked to unwind my body to bring the two sides into balance I noticed the energy, and therefore the muscle pain, was getting stuck in my forearms and my calves. As he worked I meditated on grounding my energy through my body. I found that when he was done working on my left leg I could get energy into that leg with no problem, but when I concentrated on my right leg it was almost as if the energy in my left leg would come back up my body in order to fill my right leg. I couldn't balance energy on both sides simultaneously.

In my training, all healing begins in the mind. When I realized that I was having trouble balancing both sides simultaneously, I began to work on balancing both sides of my brain. I once again found I was having trouble balancing the two sides. I explained what was happening to my husband and so he began to do energy work on me, helping me to ground into both sides of my body. As he did that, I worked on balancing my mind.

Once he got me grounded he left me to continue my meditation. I imagined a giant scale on both sides of my brain and worked on getting it balanced. (I'm a Libra, which is probably what inspired that particular image.) Once I got it to balance, a ball of energy opened up right at its center. I worked on expanding that ball of light, realizing it was my sixth chakra--often referred to as the "third eye." I expanded it and expanded it until it filled my head.

At this point in my meditation I looked around and saw a vine---think Jack and the Beanstalk--winding into the heavens. It disappeared into clouds. I instinctively knew I had to climb that vine. As I climbed higher and higher I used light to dissipate the clouds. I came upon an orb that looked down upon everything. I climbed into the orb where I found my higher self waiting to integrate with me. As the integration took place, I realized that I was standing in my sixth chakra. I had to climb to get to it because the vibrational resonance of the this chakra is very high. At the front of the orb there was a window with a shutter over it.

When I was a child my third eye was wide open, and I saw things that scared me. I metaphorically closed that eye tight so that I wouldn't have to see. So when I began my healing journey as an adult, I had a great deal of fear about opening my third eye. In meditation one day, I installed that shutter so that I had control over when I could "see" things. Today it was time to take the shutter off.

When I removed that shutter and looked out the window it was as if I was looking down upon the earth and all the energy upon it. From my vantage point, I could see the suppression of the feminine throughout our world. From patriarchal religions to glass ceilings to rape to child brides, everywhere I looked the feminine was struggling. However, throughout that struggle I saw pockets of light. Pockets where women are embracing their feminine power. Pockets where men are allowing their masculine and feminine sides to balance.

It's no secret that women have been suppressed throughout the centuries on earth. It's also no secret in spiritual communities that the key to healing the earth is healing the feminine. It was in that moment as I stood in meditation looking down upon the energy of the earth that it became stunningly, crystal clear exactly how each individual can heal the earth. As the saying goes, as within, without. As above, below. ALL HEALING BEGINS ON THE INSIDE. In order to heal the world we must heal ourselves. The key to bringing balance back to the world is bringing balance back to the self. It is embracing both our masculine and our femine energy. It is balancing the yin and the yang. While sometimes is is appropriate to be assertive, sometimes it is important to allow.

I want to make it clear that I am choosing my semantics purposely. There is a difference between Divine, or balanced, masculine and femine energy and society's view of masculine and femine. Divine masculine is assertive, not aggressive. Divine feminine allows but isn't passive. Divine masculine protects but isn't violent. Divine feminine nurtures without allowing herself to be exploited.

I share my journey with you today because it is my hope that my experiences can assist you as you find balance within. While your physical symptoms may not be the same as mine, and while your meditative practices might not contain the same imagery, perhaps my story can spark a healing energy within you. As we each heal and find balance inside of ourselves, the earth will shift to accommodate our new energy. This is the mechanics of creating the new earth, and why I call it the Higher Living Journey.

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