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Heart Talks Interview: Considerations When Weighing Vaccinations

In this 45 minute interview we cover information parents need in order to make a fully informed decision when it comes to vaccinations. See the highlights of this video below, as well as further information that we did not have time to cover during the interview.

Highlights of the video include:

  • History behind why vaccine manufacturers are not liable for the safety of their products.

  • The theory of herd immunity and why it doesn't apply to vaccination

  • The ingredients in vaccines and their possible health consequences

  • The science vaccine safety is based on, and why there are holes in the research.

In addition to the information in the above video, here are some other considerations that parents need to know when making health decisions for their children.

  1. The 2016 vaccine schedule includes a total of 72 doses of vaccines by age 18 years. Half of those doses (36) are given by age 18 months. At the 2, 4, and 6 month appointments as many as 8 vaccines are given at one time. There are no studies on the safety of the entire vaccine schedule. There are no safety studies on giving multiple vaccines at one time.

  2. Infant immune systems are markedly different than adults, and do not fully mature until the age of approximately 2 years old. Therefore, safety studies on adults cannot be extrapolated to infants and toddlers. Infant kidney function is not fully up to speed until at least the age of 6 months, which effects the body's ability to remove the toxic ingredients found in vaccines, yet infants are given upwards of 18 vaccines by that age. For the science behind these statements, please watch this highly informative 4 part series on Infant Immunity. (This links you to part one)

  3. Breast milk is the number one way to insure optimal immune development in a child, and those optimal benefits occur when it is the ONLY source of nutrition until six months of age. Furthermore, breastfeeding should ideally be continued until at least the age of 2 (although there are continued benefits after that age) because that is when the immune system reaches maturation. For the science behind this statement and for further information, please watch this video on Infant Immunity and Breastfeeding, which is part 3 of the series I mentioned above.

  4. For more on Herd Immunity and vaccination, please check out Dr. Russell Blaylock's Analysis HERE.

  5. For more information on the effects of aluminum injected directly into the muscle tissue, watch this video: Trojan Horses and Clusterbombs: Dr Suzanne Humphries on aluminum in Finland

  6. We only touched on a few vaccine ingredients on the video--here is a link with a full listing of the ingredients in vaccines.

  7. The United States has the highest rate of infant mortality in the industrialized world. 54% of American children suffer from a chronic health condition.

  8. The United States has the most aggressive vaccine schedule on the planet. Our vaccine dosage schedule has more than doubled since the mid 1990's.

  9. For information on your states vaccination requirements and waivers, please click HERE.

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